PFD Dispatch



        The Parma Fire Department welcomes you to our new web page.  Using up to date technology we are going to radically change how information is sent to the public.  Please visit often, as we will be posting updates on a daily basis.  Our updates will consist of newsworthy emergencies, daily training exercises, current projects, upcoming events, and much more.




Busy Day


Toy Fire Chief Hat clipartThe department responded to 39 calls on A shift, from 0800 on Monday to 0800 Tuesday, including a 3 hours SWAT stand off on Ronald Dr. that Med 5 eventually transported, in addition to pump classes that were scheduled.


Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid with Parma Hts. Engine Company 5 assisted Parma Hts. Fire with a garage fire on Lawndale Dr on Tuesday evening.


Pump Refresher

All crews are attending a pump operations class given by the department Mechanic and Maintenance Officer.


ATV Training

PFD members check accessible areas for rescues and brush fires in the West Creek area.  With the current  construction taking place access is changing.  Once completed the West Creek area will have a major increase of recreation activity in the area.  

    The ATV was donated by the American Legion Hall 752.  It can carry patients, put out fires, carry manpower to hard to get areas 


Never Forget

An I-Beam from the World Trade Center was delivered this morning to the Parma Fire Department Training Facility at Parmatown Mall.  A ceremony is planned for the near future prior to being put on display.  Visit here often for updates.