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Engine Company Inspections

This type of building inspection is performed by the on-duty firefighters assigned to each particular district. The Parma Fire Department conducts this type of inspection annually. This is usually carried out from August 1st of each year until completion. The actual duration between inspections for each occupant may vary but all attempts are made to assure a minimum of one inspection annually.This inspection serves several purposes. The members of the fire companies are becoming more familiar with the properties and their owners in case an emergency occurs on the property and fire prevention efforts are carried out to prevent emergencies. This process also promotes general safety as well as fire safety.

Members of the Parma Fire Department that perform these inspections will be firefighters, Lieutenants, Captains or Fire Prevention Officers. They will be in a Parma Fire Department uniform and be in a Parma Fire Department vehicle. If you have any question as to their identity, please call our non-emergency number to verify their status at 440-885-1217.

If hazards are discovered on your property there are several ways to resolve the problem. In the case of extremely hazardous conditions an “on the spot” correction may be ordered. In this situation the inspector will advise you of the exact correction necessary and it must be accomplished prior to the fire department leaving the property. This is only used in the most serious of situations. The more common method is for the inspector to point out the areas of concern while reviewing the “Hazard Notice” with you. The date of the inspection and the number of days expected until the re-inspection should be indicated on the form. The re-inspection usually occurs approximately 21 days from the original inspection. It is difficult for a fire company to guarantee a set date due to the nature of our activities. Once the re-inspection is completed, and the occupant has corrected any hazards, the inspection process is complete for that cycle.If the hazards are not corrected the inspector may allow an extension for correction or forward the concerns to the Fire Prevention Bureau. In cases where the occupant is working towards a solution an extension is usually allowed.